Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hey, I Got Mine: Foreclosure Dave Doubles Down on Ending Medicare

Video: GOP Rep. Schweikert on Paul Ryan's Budget: ‘We Need to Redouble… Own This, Make the Case’
Shortly after abruptly cancelling scheduled "listening sessions" with his constituents to attend Tea Party fundraisers, freshman congressman David “Foreclosure” Schweikert managed to find himself in front of a TV camera with a very familiar message.

Regular readers will know that “do as I say not as I do” is essentially the Arizona congressman’s position on everything. From border security and healthcare to transparency and austerity, David expects a lot more from you than he is willing to give. To him, any sort of government healthcare program is un-American, that is unless it involves the millionaire real estate vulture receiving taxpayer-funded care for his own family. Then it’s just all part of the benefit package, right Dave? Schweikert says we can’t have immigration reform until the border is secured, but then voted to defund the border patrol. He advocates that we balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, but defends subsidies to the most profitable industry ever as only “a couple billion dollars.” (Would those billions pay for the emergency relief for Missouri that his caucus is holding hostage?) He says government ought to be completely transparent, but voted to hide his government healthcare from his constituents. See a pattern? All government is bad… unless he and his corporate backers directly benefit. Then it’s just a few billion dollars and job benefits, nothing more! Convenient, that.

In his latest edition of “I’m not even embarrassed”, David asks his colleagues to have the political courage to meet with their constituents to explain why the wholesale elimination of our nation’s most popular government program would be actually be a good thing for the millions of seniors who depend on it to survive. “No, you can’t have healthcare grandma. You see, the nation just can’t afford you anymore. But please, pay no attention to the few billion in oil subsidies behind the curtain. That’s chump change!” David urges everyone else taking heat to stand their ground in the face of fierce opposition all the while he hides away at friendly political fundraisers and in front of DC television cameras.

Congressman, when will you meet with your district to sell us on your vote? At your last “listening session”, you deflected questions on Medicare, saying that part of the discussion would come later (it never did). Instead we just talked about the deficit, and how it’s all really Planned Parenthood and the EPA’s fault. How was that politically courageous?

We can have policy disagreements. Debate is what made America great, but disingenuous politicians have brought it to its knees. If every time we turn on the TV, Arizonans see you talking the talk, how long must we wait before you walk the walk?

Oh, but nice dog.

Update: ADP is ahead of the game.