Friday, January 21, 2011

Just End It Already

Rodney Glassman and Andrei Cherny Fight to Lead Arizona Democrats

Only two months removed from an electoral defeat that threw the party into a melancholic limbo, Arizona Democrats are bitterly divided. Over several weeks, the race for state chair has become quite contentious. (It got particularly ugly over the last couple of days.) While our state committee members continue to divide themselves into pro-Andrei and pro-Rodney camps before tomorrow’s planned vote, the feeling that we are at each other’s throat is palpable. Thank god that this will all be over tomorrow, right? Maybe.

It has been suggested that we postpone the election another month. I think nothing could be worse. I understand the reluctance to put the party through a tough reorganization in this time of tragedy, but extending this fight will only hurt us more in the long run. As a new state committee person I must say this rancorous infighting is something of a turn off, and as a new district chair I’m seeing firsthand the toxic effect it’s having on the party down to the most fundamental level. Something has to be done, and it isn’t more delay and more politicking.

This fight needs to end, and it needs to end tomorrow. Our state is in serious jeopardy, and instead of fighting each other, we should be unified in our opposition to our legislature’s pander-before-policy culture. Another month of this intra-party melee won’t benefit anyone except Republicans, and we Democrats entertain this idea of postponement at our party's, and our state’s peril.

ICYMI: AZ Senate Minority Leader David Schapira Talks BrewerCare with Keith Olbermann

Thursday, January 13, 2011

President Obama in Tucson

The President expresses our grief and lays a path forward like only he can.

Friday, January 7, 2011

David Schweikert: Hypocrite; Socialist

Guess what millionaire is getting taxpayer funded healthcare

It seems that government health insurance is tyranny only until David Schweikert benefits. Now that Foreclosure Dave is a member of Congress (AZ05), the multi-millionaire real estate mogul vulture has apparently changed his tune. It turns out David really wants his government healthcare. That’s right, David “I made $15 million off the housing bubble” Schweikert wants his “taxpayer hand-out”.

Schweikert’s hypocrisy is especially glaring when you consider that several Tea Party members of Congress showed the courage of their convictions and declined their taxpayer subsidized coverage. Schweikert did not. Perhaps David’s colleagues saw the hypocrisy in pledging to repeal healthcare protections for the rest of us, while signing up for their own “unconstitutional” coverage. Perhaps they thought it would be in bad taste to take other people’s money for their own benefit while screaming socialism as loud as they could. Whatever their reason is, some Tea Partiers walked the walk, while Schweikert quickly retreated. He didn’t even pretend to try, just the opposite in fact. Schweikert voted yesterday to keep his government healthcare a secret from his constituents, contradicting his campaign call for a more-transparent Congress.

It’s not like Schweikert’s economic circumstances were forcing to sign on to the Federal-employee plan, so don't try it. He owns his own business, he has 400 "investment properties", he is very rich, and as a congressmen, he will earn $175,000/yr. As wealthy as he is, Dave could easily find an individual plan out in the free market like the rest of us who aren’t Congressmen must do. Instead, “Do as I say, not as I do” Schweikert opted for the plan that includes taxpayer subsidies because it was cheaper for him, and more expensive for the taxpayer. Your loss, his gain, too bad for you, you should have been a congressman. This is how these guys think, operate, and govern.

Naturally, there are crickets to be heard on the local right-wing blogs. No word on whether they are the same crickets used during the Bush years, but their song remains the same.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

After a 2nd Death, Olbermann Revisits BrewerCare

State Senator Kyrsten Sinema does a great job pointing out the Republican's moral poverty and exposes their willingness to play politics with someone else's life.