Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Schweikert Says Jobs Bill is a Scheme to Give Taxpayer Money to Unions

But first, again with the golfing attacks congressman? Really? Pretty disingenuous for a guy who spent the entire August recess on vacation, don’t you think?

I guess we know where our congressman stands on the jobs bill proposed by the president. Notice how he voices his opposition to the jobs bill, then immediately says he is fighting for jobs. What have you done to help the unemployed, Congressman? What have you done to create a single job?

Anyone surprised at the callousness of this rich jerk? I’m not. It’s totally his (lack of) character. At least he appears to have shifted his boogeyman from “Moveon.org” to unions. Schweikert’s me-first legislative priorities are endlessly frustrating, but I take comfort in the belief that history will remember the slime-ball politicians of our time for what they are.

See for yourself:

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