Thursday, September 30, 2010

From My Home State: Asst. Michigan Attorney General Mercilessly Harasses College Kid Online

Being from Michigan, I feel compelled to chime in on this national story.

Assistant Michigan Attorney General Andrew Shirvell is obviously a self-hating closet case. Is there any doubt in your mind? I’m sure it won’t be long before Andrew goes all Ted Haggard and is caught with some rocks and a gay prostitute.

Time after time these fervently anti-gay activists, preachers, congressman and senators are exposed as just compensating for their own suppressed sexuality. What sad and lonely lives they must live. I’m sure to folks like Shirvell, there is a deep psychology need to convince themselves that their attraction to men somehow cancelled out by their ugly actions. If I spend my life fighting the radical gay agenda equality, soliciting sex from other men in a Minnesota airport bathroom doesn’t make me gay, right?

Mike Cox is the Republican Attorney General of Michigan, yes he is up for relection this year, but he needs to fire this clown. Sure he’s put out a statement touting his assistant’s first amendment rights, as well as his lack of judgment, but he needs to take further action. Shirvell needs to be fired, nothing less will be acceptable. (Swastikas..??) Regardless of his rights, he has shown he lacks the judgment to be an attorney for the state of Michigan. How can he claim to represent the citizens of Michigan equally under the law? Check out part 2, it's a debate on whether Andrew should be fired. SPOILER ALERT: The answer is yes.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Poll: Mitchell Leads by 3; Dominates Among Independents

For the second time in eight days a new poll shows Harry Mitchell with a slight lead over his opponent Foreclosure Dave Schweikert. As I pointed out on the 21st, this points to a clear upward trajectory for Harry.

In more good news for the Mitchell camp, the poll also shows that Mitchell is absolutely killing Schweikert among the ever important of independent voters. I think this is to be expected, independents are turned off by the hyperbolic caricaturing of the famously middle of the road Congressman. I mean actually making fake Harry signs calling himself “Pelosi’s Lap Dog”? Get real. David erred when he thought he could run on only hyper partisan nationalized campaign slogans. Seriously though, “Pelosi’s Lap Dog”, really?

For a perennial candidate, I would have thought Schweikert knew the staunchly independent voters of CD5 better, but I guess not.

Click to enlarge

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Mitchell Watch" Takes Notice; Brings Knife to a Gun Fight

Yesterday I posted that I believe David Schweikert has supported the website (called Mitchell Watch) through a long time loyalist and major beneficiary of David’s no-bid contract fiasco, Teri Johnson. I argued that if you simply followed the money, tracked the cover-up efforts of East Valley Web, and considered Schweikert’s history of breaking rules to pad Johnson’s pockets, you would come to the same questions I did. I can't say definitively that David broke the law, but there is certainly a lot that points to his involvement at some level. To put it simply, it stinks - bad.

Well, the folks over at Mitchell Watch (Teri Johnson?) noticed, and promptly fired back. I admit that I expected blowback from Mitchell Watch, but I didn’t expect it to be so weak minded, and to borrow a word from the Bard of Bristol Bay, limp. I took the time to present facts, sources, and navigate the reader through the thought process on which I based my conclusions. The Mitchell Watch response in comparison, is laughable.
“Anyone who Googles the words “Harry” and “Mitchell” will see that this site is ranked in the top five out of 1,230,000 results! In newspaper vernacular that’s translates to “above the fold” or “Second Coming” rankings.”
Your Google keyword rankings are irrelevant to the story, and have nothing to do with the arguments I’ve made. Good job though, I’m sure $16,000 can buy you one hell of a search engine optimization guru. This is the old argumentum ad populum fallacy we see on Fox News almost every day, “we are right because we have better ratings”. The Right's time tested fallacy is just a spin-off of the old evolutionary adage, “might makes right”, which of course is the Republican Party’s platform on its most fundamental level… but I’m getting off topic, so back to matters at hand.
“The site’s privacy is shielded by Domains By Proxy which anyone can purchase (not just by “identity thieves, phishers, email scammers, and hackers”). East Vally [sic] Web offers DBP as part of its services.”
I didn’t say that Domains By Proxy catered ONLY to identity thieves, phishers, email scammers, and hackers, but they do accept them and allow them to operate freely under their protection. I believe most reputable companies go out of their way to make sure these types aren't abusing their services.  I’m sure Mitchell Watch is the sole exception, but what’s that they say about laying with dogs?

Anyway, the post wasn’t about DBP. It was about how East Valley Web registered an anti-Mitchell domain while the Schweikert campaign was giving it fistfuls of money, and if one red cent went to support Mitchell Watch in anyway, then the Schweikert campaign is acting in an unlawful manner, which as I also pointed out, seems to be par for the course.
So keep guessing Dry Heat Democrat, and while you’re digging maybe you’ll throw us a hint as to your true So keep guessing Dry Heat Democrat, and while you’re digging maybe you’ll throw us a hint as to your true identit(ies)?
Back to this, the idea that I’m somehow hiding myself because I don’t list my name, birthday, and social security for all the right wing nut jobs to scrutinize. Mitchell Watch could learn a lot from the writer of their guest opinion yesterday, Rachel Alexander. She easily found out who I was, and posted it on her site for all to see. However, just to end this type of speculation, I’ve added an about me section to the blog, as well as a disclaimer. I wonder if Mitchell Watch will do the same. They currently have one, but it has no type of “about me” information whatsoever.

Glassman Shines; McCain Grimaces at the Arizona Senate Debate

I think Rodney Glassman (have) did a great job staying on message by constantly pointing out McCain’s flip flops and double talk. And believe me, Old Mac gave him plenty of opportunities.

Random Musings is spot on with his best line of the night.
"If we want to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, we need to reduce the number of our senators dependent on fossil fuel contributions."
- Rodney Glassman

Monday, September 27, 2010

David Schweikert, Mitchell Truth, and the FEC

David Schweikert has some 'xplaning to do

I believe that David Schweikert may be be in violation of FEC law. While admittedly I cannot prove this instance, it wouldn't be the first time. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence to suggest something shady is going on. I think when it’s all put together it raises some pretty tough questions, and shows at the very least show Schweikert isn’t being candid with the FEC about his campaign’s expenditures.

I have been frequenting the website (formerly quite a bit lately, looking to find out what they’ll come up with next. Most of it is pretty ridiculous.

Inspired by the “Intellectual Conservative’s” sleuthing work done on me, I decided to take a closer look at who was behind, and couldn’t believe what I found. is registered to a very disreputable local company known as Domains By Proxy (DBP). DBP is well known to harbor identity thieves, phishers, email scammers, and hackers. Just google "Domains By Proxy" and you will see a host of warnings about scams and unethical business practices. Essentially, if you want to conduct shady or illegal business on the internet, you go through DBP to hide your real identification.

While the DBP information is intriguing, the really interesting part was who actually registered this website. was registered through another local company called East Valley Web. This amounts to an unforced error by the Schweikert campaign, and we will soon see why.

The owner of East Valley Web is Teri Johnson, a longtime Schweikert loyalist who has been on David’s payroll in one way or another since 2004. According to FEC reports filed by the Schweikert campaign, David has already paid her company (the same one that registered $16,000 this cycle. This sum included $555 for registering domain names through East Valley Web to Domains by Proxy. My domain cost $11, so I’m not sure what East Valley Web is spending that $555 on, but it sure the hell wasn’t Not to mention a relatively simple website like wouldn’t cost anywhere near $16,000 – I know, it’s what I do. So why is David giving them so much money?

As mentioned, David has a long history with Teri Johnson and East Valley Web. This is evident by an internal audit which found then Maricopa Country Treasurer David Schweikert gave out no-bid contracts to East Valley Web (among other companies). The audit found that Schweikert was in violation of the County Procurement Code in $70,000 worth of purchases made on behalf of the taxpayers. The Maricopa County Internal Audit of 2009 specifically looked into bid-free money given to (drum roll please) Teri Johnson of “East Valley Web & Graphic Design”! That’s right, David has been caught trying to skirt to the rules to funnel money to East Valley Web before. Shooting par for the Republican course, David Schweikert’s love of the ‘free market’ didn’t last long once in office.

This connection between and Johnson’s company when combined with the exorbitant amount of money paid by David’s campaign to East Valley Web lead me to believe that the Schweikert campaign has at least contributed to the operations of, or possibly is fully funding it with campaign cash. Either Teri Johnson is really ripping her long time friend David off, or she is doing much more than advertised.

This connection is a dangerous one for Schweikert. If his campaign has in any way supported, either directly or through East Valley Web, then he has broken federal election law.

FEC Regulations require that all projects of a candidate committee include the name of the candidate who authorized it. So, all websites being paid for by the Schweikert campaign need to clearly bear David’s name.

Confused? Don’t be, here are some examples of what is acceptable what is not.
For a website sponsored by David Schweikert for Congress running against Harry Mitchell: -- would be illegal because it does not bear Schweikert’s name. -- would be illegal because it does not bear Schweikert’s name. – is legal under FEC rules.

Recap: David Schweikert is paying Teri Johnson’s company East Valley Web a lot of money, that is to say, a lot more than the obvious services she is providing would cost. East Valley Web registered to an infamous company called Domains By Proxy, who specializes in concealing identities, which in my mind smacks of deception. I think this deception is made more likely when you consider Schweikert has a documented history of ignoring county procedure and ethical guidelines to get money flowing in the direction of Teri Johnson. If any of the $16,000 dollars paid to her company, East Valley Web, went to registering that domain, or operating the site, the Schweikert campaign has broken the law.

Again I can’t prove anything, nor do I claim to, but I think this is definitely worth further investigating. I will keep you posted.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Return of the (Pandering) King

John "Man-yells-at-cloud" McCain has released a new radio ad in Spanish, targeting the same people he spent the last eighteen months demonizing in effort to secure the Racist Right’s vote. Surprised? Don’t be - this is totally in character for the Pander-in-Chief.

Thought the "Pledge To America" was Something New?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Love This - Wall Street: Dad's Ambition Never Sleeps

This is such a crush, and so true. Is Ben Quayle entitled to a seat in congress just because of who his daddy is (not Nik Riche, his real father)? No more political oligarchies in Arizona. Vote.

Sarah Palin Drops Biggest Hint Yet of Presidential Ambitions

Sarah Palin is the self-proclaimed leader of the Tea Party, and she is running for President. If she gets the nomination (which I believe she will) Barack Obama will win by a landslide (35-40 states). This is great news for Democrats, and terrible news for establishment Republicans.

Via CBS News:
Sarah Palin hinted further at her interest in a 2012 presidential bid on Wednesday night, saying in an interview that she "would offer [herself] up in the name of service to the public," in the event that "nobody else wanted to step up."
The GOP establishment is scared to death of a candidate Palin, and have been quietly working to undermine her efforts among more reasonable Republicans (oxymoron?). Even arch-conservative Bill O’Reilly himself has exposed the half-governor again and again. Among the just linked examples of her stupidity that O’Reilly provides us, he recently pointed out she didn’t even know the name of the Tea Party insurgent she was backing in the NH senate primary (Ovide Lamontagne barely lost) . I don’t know why Palin even continues to go his show as he is clearly not impressed with her; even though he could never publically say it. She refuses to talk to any media other than Fox News, but perhaps now she should start eliminating certain host from her rounds, lest she be given a question that isn’t a total softball, and thus made to look foolish.

The failed Presidency of George W. Bush, the rampant infestation of corporate interests (think Freedom Works), and the runaway ego of Sarah Palin have fractured the Republican Party into two competing but mutually dependant entities. While they may see short term political gains this fall, any Tea Party victories will only further the divide and thus hurt their electoral chances in 2012.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Local Journalists Point out Governor Brewer's Wanton Hypocrisy and Blatant Politicking

As Arizonans know, unelected Governor Jan Brewer's campaign is running almost entirely against President Obama. She blames Obama for everything wrong in Arizona, while at the same time taking credit for the benefits Arizona is seeing as a result of the President’s policies (specifically the federal stimulus). I’m sure when the number of Arizonans with health insurance jumps dramatically in 2014 as a result of the Affordable Care Act, she will jump to credit herself also. It hasn't gone unnoticed by Arizona politicos, but her base is well known to ignore Brewer's (and Hayworth's) double-dealing phoniness. Or anyone’s double-dealing phoniness for that matter.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

AZ CD-5: Mitchell Reclaims the Lead

Harry is smiling for a reason.

Don’t look now Teahadists, but embattled Democratic incumbent Harry Mitchell is edging out two time loser David Schweikert by one point according to a new poll. Sure, one point is one point, and certainly within the margin of error, but given past numbers it shows a clear upward trajectory for Congressman Mitchell. I don’t think the uptick is too surprising, the Mitchell campaign recently hit the airwaves with positive campaign ads touting the Congressman’s independent credentials, his work for America’s veterans, as well as his reputation to reach across the aisle. At the same time, Arizona Democrats are doing their best to inform the voters exactly how Mr. Schweikert made himself millions off the foreclosure crisis.

The Schweikert campaign has been saying for some time that its internal polling shows that they are up by as much as 12 points, but as pointed out here, their internal polling is dubious at best. Not to mention, who would trust anything from Karl Rove anyway? Mr. Schweikert is desperate to tie Congressman Mitchell to the so-called “Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda”, but as made evident last week by the “Republicans for Harry”, that demonstrably untrue assertion is unlikely to stick.

Could this be national trend? Is the base finally coming home as the Democrats wake up and begin to hit their messaging stride? Is the GOP’s determination to raise taxes on the middle class starting to turn off voters? I think so.

According to a new generic ballot Gallup poll, the Democrats are gaining ground nationally, leading the GOP by one point. Again one point is one point, but given the numbers we were facing, it’s a clear sign of upward momentum.

Lets hope that Congressman Mitchell, as well as the DCCC can keep their momentum up. If they can we might be in for a pleasant surprise.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Poll: Arizona Unhappy with its Legislature

Looks like our Republican legislature’s priorities of human/animal hybrids, Obama’s birth certificate, and the combination of guns and booze aren’t exactly in line with the priorities of Arizona voters. Our citizens are worried about our growing budget deficit, the national embarrassment we call our public schools, the solvency of our AHCCCS (our state’s Medicaid program), and the lack of oversight in our prisons. (Oh by the way, we’ve gone over a month without a murderer just walking out of one of our prisons. Sadly, in the age of for-profit prisons, this is something to celebrate.)

The Republicans in the Arizona legislature spent the last two years pandering to the Arizona Teahadists, while completely ignoring state business. They are been more interested in kicking children off the state health insurance rolls than responsible governance. They are more concerned with rigid ideology than they are real world solutions.

Since January 20th 2009 Arizona Republicans from Brewer all the way down, have spent all their time running against Obama and federal policies while the state continues its slide to Alabama status. While the President is unpopular in Arizona, (40% approval rating), running against Obama isn’t by itself enough to be popular in Arizona, just ask Dr. Chris “healthcare for the rich only” Salvino, whose sole campaign message was simply “Stop Obama.” Salvino was defeated handedly in the Republican CD-5 primary by David Schweikert.

I think I speak for all Arizona’s - left and right - when I say that healing our damaged state should be a greater priority than demanding to see the President’s widely available birth certificate, and ManBearPig.

With governance like this, it’s no wonder an overwhelming majority of Arizonans disprove of our legislature. The most effective way to counter this slide in the short term is to elect a more responsible governor. That is to say, elect Terry Goddard.

Via Arizona Capitol Times:
The poll by Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy and Knowledge Networks found that 68 percent of registered voters disapprove of the Legislature’s performance on fiscal matters.


Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix, the assistant House minority leader, said she’s not surprised by the results.

“This is a group that cut $1.2 billion from K-12 education and $230 million from higher education,” she said.

When asked if they believe that the state Legislature has the wrong priorities, 63 percent of Republicans and 71 percent of Democrats agreed.


Highlights from poll:
• Disapprove of the way the Legislature handles the budget and taxes: 68 percent.
• Believe there is too much partisan conflict among lawmakers: 74 percent.
• Generally satisfied with the way things are going in state government: 36 percent.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wingnut Tempe Pastor Shows Up at Harry Mitchell's House

Steve Anderson is the pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church a hatemonger in Tempe who made national headlines last year when he said it was okay to murder homosexuals, doctors who perform abortions, and yes the spawn of Satan himself, President Obama. Pastor Anderson recently paid a visit to AZ-CD5 Congressman, Harry Mitchell.

This is Pastor Anderson’s sermon which recounts the encounter. He opens by saying he happened upon Harry’s house by pure chance while promoting his congregation by preaching hatred. Later in the same sermon Steve justifies showing up at Harry’s house and telling the Congressman he is going to hell by saying his actions prove he really loves Harry. He wasn’t there to harangue Mr. Mitchell at all, it was random door, nothing more. But if it was a random encounter, preaching to Harry would prove nothing, as he didn’t intend to bring his message to Harry personally. Showing up at someone’s home and telling them they are going to suffer eternal damnation is not an act of love; it’s an act of hate. I think his weak-minded justification betrays his claim to have just happened upon Congress Mitchell’s doorstep. I believe it is no coincidence that Pastor Anderson is up to these shenanigans almost a year to the day his “murder all non protestants” message made national news. Kooks love attention.

As you can see, the Pastor's "church" looks very legit from the inside. Do you think they guy could at least get a crucifix on the wall? Obviously Steven is running a very professional operation, a fact made even more evident when you consider Anderson's church is located in a Tempe strip man. (Pictured)

I think Harry comes off pretty well in the Pastor's account. He certainly handles being told he was going to hell better than I would. Anderson claims he is going to knock on every door in Tempe, and when he knocks on mine, he is going to get an education.

In an interview last year, Steve Pastor repeated his call to murder, and told the interviewer that he was going to pray for him to get brain cancer and die. A message of love, indeed.

NOTE: A member of the Mitchell camp confirmed to me that Anderson and the Congressman did speak.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The "Intellectual Conservative" Doubts My Legitimacy

The self-styled “Intellectual Conservative” Rachel Alexander thinks I’m fake. She says I’m a phony, a front, and definitely not a real activist. She wants you to know, I’m not who I say I am. She said so in a recent post to Rachel writes that I have to be on the Democratic payroll because my blog is just “too professional” and “too patriotic” to be the work of just the average Arizona blogger. Of course, this is coming from someone who owns a company billing itself as “The online media pros”.

I found it hard to write this reply, as my first instinct is to immediately go on the defensive, and turn snark up to maximum levels. However, Rachel didn’t really attack me, so I will do my best not to attack her. Ms. Alexander just said that to her, Dry Heat Democrat is simply too good to be the efforts of a single person, and therefore must be part of a grander Democratic plot. Rachel never considered that I’m good at what I do, or the possibly I work harder than her, but instead jumped to the conclusion that something much more sinister must be afoot. Specifically, that Dry Heat Democrat is really just a front for the Arizona Democratic Party, and I am doing by best to hide that from you, the reader.

(Note: I’ve never been paid by the ADP, or anyone, for my work in politics.)

The twitter account and blog are updated constantly with fresh breaking news about all the major races in Arizona - pretty impressive for one little fella who already has his own personal twitter account and blog. As relentless as I am, even I couldn't keep up with ALL the major races in Arizona by myself.”


“The DryHeatDem twitter profile photo has an Arizona flag in the corner of it, and the blog has a professional looking snazzy Arizona flag next to the name - something only the Democrat Party would do, not your average Democrat activist who wouldn't be into professional looking blatant patriotism.
Well Rachel, thanks. I really mean that. I’m quite flattered you are impressed with my blog, but I take issue with your main thesis. I care about aesthetics and have chosen not to clutter my blog, but that doesn’t mean I must be hiding something. Truth is, I want to be taken seriously among Democratic voters, and having a website that looks like a by-product of “The John Birch Society Internet Starter Kit”, wouldn’t give the same credibility with my base, as it would yours. Like it or not, people judge books by their cover, and that’s why I have taken the time to present a clean and professional looking site to my readers.

Rachel says I’m being “deceptive” by not listing my personal information on Dry Heat Democrat, but I think that is absurd. I (like most) consider not giving out personal information online to be smart, not deceptive. I don’t need right wing nut jobs stalking me on the internet, it’s that simple. Anyone who wants to find out who I am can easily do so, as Rachel (and Steve May) did. I mean hell; I’m listed as the creator of the Facebook page! So the idea I was hiding behind a blog with my face all over it is laughable.

Anyway Rachel, thanks again. Glad you like the site, if not the content (or the author).

Monday, September 13, 2010

In AZ CD-5, Mitchell Takes the Fight to Foreclosure Dave's Newly Purchased Doorstep

And the gloves are off in Arizona...

Controversial Candidate Drops out of D17 Race

Steve May, the D17 Republican who made national headlines when he shepherded Tempe’s homeless onto local and state ballots, has dropped out of the race.

I would like to thank Mr. May for doing what is right, at least in this singular regard. Now it’s up to Steve to use his influence over his homeless friends to urge them to once again follow his example. Steve put the “Mill Rats” under a giant microscope when he convinced them to put themselves under intense scrutiny solely for May’s personal gain. Steve had no problem dragging them down into the mud with him; as such May is responsible for what ultimately becomes of his fake candidates. So will he offer the faux-Greens a way out of this mess, or his he simply going to leave them to wallow in the negative attention of May’s crafting? Steve’s withdraw from the election in the face of national scrutiny is a clear sign that he has realized the negative role his scheme played in his own life, and made the responsible decision. Now it’s up to Steve to look out not just for himself, but those whom his has actions have affected.

Mr. May, it’s over. Do the right thing.

UPDATE: In a statement just released, May basicially cited personal reasons for his withdrawal. I won't pretend to know the depth of May's reasons, but I have an idea. As such, I would like to use my platform to wish Mr. May the best of luck. The "dogs are called off" as it were, but he must still address the mess that lays in his wake.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

East Valley Democrats Launch Fundraising Effort to Counter Steve May's Election Ringers

Armed with a new website, mailers, and an impressive social media outreach, the Tempe and South Scottsdale Democrats are looking to cash in on the national attention D17 Republican Steve May's plot to tilt the election is receiving. Lauren Kuby, chair of the D17 Democrats sent me this statement:
Hello Dry Heat Democrat,
Would you please pass the following on to your readers? I would appreciate it, and thank you.
My name is Lauren Kuby, and I am the Chair of the Legislative District 17 Democrats in Arizona. As you may know, we in Arizona LD17 are fighting against Steve May, a local millionaire whose dubious campaign tactics have earned him his 15 minutes on the national stage.

While Steve May basks in the glow of attention, his scheme could have a real effect. His ploy is a cynical move made to facilitate his return to the Arizona Legislature. At a recent debate Steve May said he intends to join the other Republicans there to fight against education funding, dismantle Arizona childrens' insurance program – Kid Care, and yes, even end the programs for the very homeless people he is using for his own political purposes.

Steve's campaign slogan, believe it or not is "Honest Leadership, for a Change", but make no mistake, Steve May is neither honest or change.

Check out our website ( and consider helping us in our fight against May. Donate on our ActBlue page (

Thanks for any help you can give us!

Lauren Kuby
Chair, D17 Democrats
Good for them, I hope they are able to get some national support out of May's dirty tricks being exposed.

New York Times; Maddow Pick up on Steve May Controversy

Incase you missed it:

NYTimes: Republican Runs Street People on Green Ticket

Tempe/S. Scottdale Democrats extended coverage

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

FINALLY! President Obama Hits the Campaign Trail; Takes The Fight to Republicans

The President's speech marking Labor Day made me want to jump out of my seat and cheer.

The President starts speaking around 11 minutes in.

David Schweikert Graduates From the Karl Rove School of Polling

A new poll has been generating a lot of buzz in the Arizona conservative blogosphere. At first glance, the poll feels like a punch in the gut to a desert progressive. Harry is down 6 points to the David “I serve children with eviction notices” Schweikert? How can this be? Congress Mitchell is a Tempe (and now, CD-5) establishment and David Schweikert got rich when your neighbor had to move his family into an apartment.

Given that David made his money with the same unfettered greed that caused The Great Recession, how would any voter, left or right, want to hitch their star to that kind of person? When did ruthless profiteering become such a virtue that serving an eviction notice to a child doesn’t end any chances of winning a popular vote – in any district? All this made me wonder if Schweikert run on a platform of beheading puppies on Jan Brewer’s doorstep and STILL win?

No. Random Musings has a great analysis of the poll’s creditability. I won’t touch on the finer points, as he already did a much better job that I could have, I will only suggest you check read his dissection of the results. I would like make a few broader points though.

This poll, like so many, is all about how the question is asked, and to whom. In this case, the questions were stating the Schweikert campaign’s attack lines against Mitchell, and then asking if those attacks made you more of less likely to vote for the Democrat.

Click to Enlarge

This “How bad is Harry” poll asked to a sample set with 70% of the respondents over 50 years old. That’s right 70%, that’s means that people 50+ are overrepresented by at least 20%.

Click to Enlarge

This is Tempe and Scottsdale of all places, so I’m not sure how they found such an old sample. Oh wait, yes I am.

According to the poll, 7% of AZ CD-5 respondents have attended a Tea Party rally. Now, 7% doesn’t sound like a lot, but blow up that number to represent the population of district, and we are talking about 35,000 people attending Tea Party rallies in the East Valley. As someone who often attends Tea Party rallies (for fodder), let me say the largest one I’ve been to had a few hundred people there, and lot of those were bused in from surrounding states to support SB1070. So the idea that 35,000 people in CD-5, or the whole Valley of the Sun for that matter, are attending Tea Party rallies is ridiculous.

Click to Enlarge

Since this poll says 7% have attended a Tea Party rally, and 10% are likely to attended a Tea Party rally, and those numbers don’t translate with reality at all, I can’t believe this poll is anything more than the deceptive polls being put out by hard right candidates nationwide (with the help of Karl Rove).

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thoughts on the Policy Positions of Steve May

**I'm having trouble with the video of May and Grandpa whispering back and forth seconds before the debate started, I know it doesn't prove anything, but I think it is worth a look. I will post it when I can.**

Personal Note:

I had the opportunity to meet Mr. May in person at the recent D17 Clean Elections Debate. He recognized and addressed me, and to his credit he spoke to me in a friendly manner. We had an unexpected exchange that was brief and civil. I must admit, I’m a bit flattered May knew who I was, because that means not only did my blog get his campaign’s attention, but he must have done some level of investigating to find out just who was exposing him. It’s not often you get to look a dissembling politician in the eye and speak truth and know it’s getting through, so it was quite invigorating. There is a grandeur to challenging power and my experience with May only makes me want to keep working.

On the Greens:

May’s ringer “Grandpa” Goshorn showed up for the debate, but despite last minute pressure from Steve, he declined to take the stage and his seat sat empty throughout. He watched from the back with more of May’s “Green Party” supporters.

May and "Grandpa" Conspiring before Wednesday’s Debate

There was another Green there, Gregor Knauer. I’ve checked with the Arizona Green Party, and Mr. Knauer is a legitimate candidate. The first time Knauer spoke May sat up in his chair and loudly cleared his throat. I took this as a tell, and coupled with his heavy use of note cards, I was convinced Knauer was another May backed fraud. I was wrong.


On almost every topic, Steve’s answers to our state’s problem was to cut Medicare spending, and leave a million of Arizona’s working poor completely unprotected. Literally, he blamed everything he could on the state’s children’s health insurance program, and what he didn’t, he blamed on Obama.

On Core Values:

Steve May declared his values to be “honest leadership” and  bragged early in the night about suing the state to put an end to our Clean Elections program. Steve said (without irony) the voter approved initiative is “corrupt” and “prone to abuse”. This struck me as particularly offensive as readers will know Steve stands accused of putting up patsy Green candidates for his own political advantage (a charge he denied to my face). But the evidence I and others have previously laid out suggests otherwise. I believed when I went in that May orchestrated a widespread abuse of the Clean Election system, and I still do. May apparently does not consider his actions abusive, no matter how blatant and publicized his own corruption may be. Remember, May was openly campaigning and soliciting donations for his “opponents” on Facebook only 10 days ago. He was even spotted whispering in Grandpa’s ear just seconds before he took the stage. A source close to May at the time told me he was trying to convince the homeless man he is exploiting to go through with it. Grandpa didn’t budge, He may not have held up his end, but I hope May still at least bought him a dinner.

On Taxes:

May’s only position on taxes is that they should be cut. Responding to State Representative Ed Ableser’s promise to close tax loopholes for corporations and at the same time putting on a good show for his “Green Party” supporters in the audience, Steve held up a list of current corporate tax loopholes and waved it around demanding to know which ones Ableser would close. In Steve's view stopping tax cheats is tantamount to raising taxes on the would-be cheaters. Ed previously hadn’t suggested raising taxes, only that the tax code needs to be reconsidered, adding that the sales tax disproportionally hurts the poor. May bragged about his record of a tax cutter proudly announcing he cut corporate taxes in AZ by a mere .031%.

On the Economy:

Ignoring that “We Have Did” Brewer, hasn’t had a balanced budget at any point in her administration, May sought to nationalize the issue, claiming that federal healthcare reform congress passed at the end of March was responsible of the state of the Arizona budget this year, and last. Not mismanagement, the global economic crisis, or the high unemployment rate more reasonable people would suspect. Hey, at least he didn't blame unions, right?

Fact is, healthcare reform is fully funded (at least for the first 10 years) by the federal government, so it’s 2015 implementation doesn’t affect our fiscal problem today. What is more, in Brewer’s latest’s budget, she absolutely gutted our Medicaid system, knocking 50,000 desperate children of the state run insurance program, “Kids Care”, a move Steve lauded throughout the evening. The state was broke before Healthcare Reform passed, and Steve knows it. This was just one of many opportunities he took to try and nationalize a state house race so he could run against President Obama.

On Healthcare:

May said that “Obamacare” was the product of the lack of bipartisanship. He declared his joy over ending Kids Care, and said if it were up to him, he would further cut the state Medicaid program to help balance the budget. Sorry Steve, but we can’t solve ALL of our problems by simply denying more children access to healthcare. While that will appease your me-first base, this kind of callousness isn’t in the D17 mainstream. Repeating that tax cuts are the only answer to any question, May supports giving tax breaks to the rich at the expense of sick children. As long as Steve May has, he wants to make sure the rest of us have-not.

On Education:

May blamed the “Obama stimulus” for the high cost of college, and again suggested we cut Medicaid to bring the cost down. Because, somehow cutting children’s access to healthcare will stop ASU from increasing tuition every single semester as it has done for years. I bet once those lazy kids are of the state rolls, my diabetes will clear up too. I’m not sure how an influx of federal infrastructure spending and tax cuts for the middle class effected ASU’s bottom line, but I don’t take a deep philosopher to know that is one of Steve’s more outlandish positions.

On Immigration:

May came out in support of S.B. 1070, a flip flop for his previous position. Other than “finishing the danged fence” (his words) and suggesting we bus them all illegal immigrants to D.C., May didn’t offer any real non-talking-point solutions to our growing immigration problem. But don’t worry, he got his jabs on the President. Not very helpful, and indicative of the partisan blinders Steve would use to represent D17.

On Jobs:

May had no real solutions for Arizona’s unemployed other than to say that taxes are why Arizona isn’t producing green jobs, something he had earlier blamed on Medicare. That is literally his entire position on job creation. I mean, I wish I had more to say here.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Before the Day's Business, a Must See - AZ Gubernatorial Debate

If you don't want to watch the whole thing, at least do yourself a favor and watch unelected Governor Brewer's opening statement.

Do you think the Arizona GOP wishes have would have nominated Ricky Gervais look-a-like and AZ state treasurer Dean Martin? When pressed after the debate my local reporters to clarify her claim of beheadings in Arizona (a claim debunked many times,) Brewer went all Sharron Angle, and - literally - ran away.

Debate totals: "I (or we) have did..." - 3 :: "He has did..." - 1

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

As Evidence Mounts, Steve May Continues to Deny Involvement in Voter Fraud Scheme

Luisa Evonne Valdez is a legitmate Green Party candidate. She, like the actual Green Pary of Arizona, has denounced the Steve May backed candidates as frauds, and urged her supporters not to be fooled. She has a back and forth going on with Steve May on the same Facebook account that has gotten him in so much trouble.

Let’s go to the action already in progress.

In his comments to Luisa, Steve proceeds to disparage the party whose candidates he is working so hard legitimize. Calling them “Grand Poo Bahs” and “Green beans," Steve’s open contempt for the values the Green Party holds couldn’t be clearer. In their conversation May admits to coaching Green Party candidate he helped get on the ballot, “Grandpa” Goshorn, in the “Green Party Core Values” just one day before tonights debate. I ask, shouldn’t the Green Party candidate know the party’s core values before he is scheduled to defend his party’s policy positions in just 24 hours? If not, why would he seek help from the party that is the antithesis of what the Greens? And why would May coach someone who could in theory beat him in the general election? It, like this entire story, stinks, and May is holding a bag of shit.

As you can see, Lusia does a good job making clear that there is no doubt the Republicans-turned-Green candidates are frauds. They aren't endorsed by the local Green party, and they haven’t been in contact with the Green Party, and one of May’s ringers even actively opposed a Green this election cycle.

May and Co. took advantage of an election law loophole that requires just one vote to put a Green Party candidate on the ballot (a product of our Republican controled legislature passed just last year). The candidates he is pushing switched parties from Republican to Green on the very last day they could as dictated by law. May defends his candidates as mere expressions of a healthy democracy, all the while knowing it’s a total sham. He acts as if accusing him of voter fraud is somehow an attack on democracy itself, but really Steve is the only one who has damaged our democracy… and he knows it. He just doesn’t care.

Steve May knows he is lying through his teeth to voters who trusted him, and as long as he keeps denying it, the scrutiny is only going to get worse.

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Steve May pictured with homeless the Green Party ringer he calls "Grandpa" after filing papers together in May. Steve says Grandpa is his friend and is running on the slogan of "Throw the bums out, and vote a real one in." Sounds like thinly veiled mockery to me.

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