Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jon Stewart on 'Blame Obama First' Hypocrisy

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Republicans Hopefuls Hate Science; Everything Else - Except Guns

In the 'Age of Denialism" to get elected as a Republican in the United States (ironically the country to land a man on the moon, invent the internet, split the atom, etc.) you can't publicly admit that the only foundation of truth lies in science.

In front of "home creationists educators" Rand Paul (KY-Sen) won't speculate on the Earth's age.

Sharon Angle (NV-Sen) says the establishment clause is unconstitutional, and that Thomas Jefferson (who was recently removed from Texas school books) was simply misquoted.

Via Politico:
Ralston pressed Angle on her comments to the state Assembly in 1995 that the “tenet of the separation of church and state is an unconstitutional doctrine.” When Ralston insisted that the separation of church and state is indeed in the Constitution, Angle disagreed.

“No it doesn’t, Jon. No it doesn’t,” Angle said. “Actually, Thomas Jefferson has been misquoted like I’ve been misquoted out of context.”

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Holy Shit! McCain Eviscerates Hayworth

Wow... just wow. For the record, I think McCain is just as sleazy as Hayworth, but clearly not as stupid. I can't wait for the debates.

Breaking: Obama to Call for Federal Immigration Reform

Now unelected Governor Brewer, John "Get off my lawn" McCain, and Senator "I don't have a clever nickname yet" Kyl we will have to put up or shut up.

Via First Read on MSNBC
Domenico Montanaro writes: As if the oil spill, economy, financial reform, potential energy legislation, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" weren't enough, President Obama will make a major address Thursday on the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

Here's the White House's press release:

President Obama to Deliver Remarks on the Need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

WASHINGTON- On the morning of Thursday, July 1, President Obama will deliver remarks on the need to fix our broken immigration system through comprehensive immigration reform at the American University School of International Service.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Arizona's 3rd is Getting Crazy Early

Pamela Gorman says her conservatism is "always on target", a point she illustrates with several clips of her shooting what looks to be a Tommy Gun.

Given the production quality of her ad, you won't be surprised to learn that her website reads like Sarah Palin's hand. Quality Republican candidates? You bet'cha!

AZ Republicans Hate Gov’t Spending, Except When They Don’t

Being unable to raise campaign money of their own, a GOP gubernatorial candidate and unelected Governor Brewer have opted to have the tax payers fund their ambitions. It seems you can be a fiscal conservative and still take handouts from the state. Convenient, that. It reminds me of a friend who decried “socialized” medicine, while being on AHCCCS, Arizona’s Medicaid agency during the long healthcare reform debate (scoreboard).

Everyone is a Republican until it happens to them. In Martin and Brewer’s case, Buz Mills has a lot more money than they do, and donations are dry. If they need more money to run for governor shouldn’t they simply ‘work harder’? Nah, that would be called having the courage of your convictions, and is therefore absurd when talking about the New Right. Instead Brewer and Co. looked to the state for a campaign bailout. Silly hypocrites, in Teabagistan, the amount of money you have is directly equal to the size of your voice in the national debate, anything else is socialism!

I should say I’m completely for the Clean Elections program where have here in Arizona, but I don’t base my entire political ideology on the idea of less government involvement in public affairs. Nor do I chide any and all government spending that doesn’t go directly into my pockets as tyranny.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Obama’s Masterstroke

President Obama gets that dirt off his shoulder.

No matter how you feel about the war in Afghanistan, I think you will agree that Obama’s handling of General McChrystal’s insubordination was masterful. What’s more, it showed the political savvy of a President coming into his own in office.

I admit that I was fearful that the President would allow McChrystal to keep his job for fear of looking like he was jeopardizing the war effort. In my opinion, to allow McChrystal to keep his command would have made him look very weak and put blood in the water for the GOP to frenzy over. Instead Obama took command as only a president can and he looked like a natural leader as he put out the latest fire. At that point who could deny he was the Commander-in-Chief?

President Obama’s appointment of General David Petraeus was sheer political genius. Petraeus is largely credited for turning around the Iraq debacle, and enjoys very high approval ratings across the political spectrum. By bringing in Petraeus, Obama effectively made it impossible for the GOP establishment (though not the fringe) to criticize his sacking of McChrystal. Even the likes of Panderer-in-Chief John McCain, who is facing a tough primary challenge from the right, offered up some praise for the ‘exotic’ President.

Even more interesting, and this is pure speculation: What happens in July 2011? That is when President Obama has said the drawdown of American forces in Afghanistan will begin, and I think Obama had that in mind when he approached Petraeus. If the general comes back to Washington in 2011 and tells congress that the war isn’t going well who will question his judgment? That will give the President the political cover to say “look we tried, it didn’t work, now let’s get the hell out”. Obama will have fulfilled his campaign promise of responsibly ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan just in time for the 2012 elections.

The President hit this one out of the park and turned an embarrassing weakness into political strength.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teabag Betrayal: Hayworth Down, but Not Out

Glenn Beck, outraged at the hypocrisy of J.D. Hayworth (while at the same time ignoring his many) has unilaterally declared the Hayworth campaign dead. Beck says the image of Hayworth as the Question Mark Suit Guy pitching ways to bilk the government for money that “you will never have to pay back!” will be too much to win the votes of undecided teabaggers here in the great state of Arizona.

I’m not so sure. After all, if teabaggers were in anyway put off by hypocrisy, they wouln’t be caught dead in bed with the double-the-national-debt-in-eight-years Republicans. Not to mention Sarah Palin, Jesus fucking Christ.

Case in point: A Phoenix local, who laughingly calls herself the ‘Intellectual Conservative’, Rachel Alexander, still fully supports Hayworth. She portrays Hayworth as a victim of the liberal media and the McCain ‘mafia’. On her blog, she goes through great lengths to convince herself (and you) that Hayworth is still the better choice. Her reasoning, conspiracy theories, and ill-thought-out diatribes are on par with what you would expect from the New Right.

Rachel, (like teabaggers and objectivists) has no problem ignoring the realities of our world if she can somehow confirm what she already believes. Even in the face of glaring contradictions. This uncanny (and somewhat sad) ability of the teahadist is why I believe Hayworth is still alive, though unlikely to win. That and two months is an eternity in politics.

Don’t you just love right wing cannibalism? Personally, I am hoping for a Hayworth victory. Not only because of my general contempt for Panderer-in-Chief John McCain, but I believe that his nomination would be a win/win for progressives.

The Democratic candidate Rodney Glassman has a much better chance of defeating Hayworth that he does McCain. And even if he was able to beat Glassman, then he would be an embarrassment to other GOP senators and a lightning rod for progressive attacks. It would be like if Rush Limbaugh was elected to the senate. Hayworth would sink, and drag the rest of GOP down with him.

Today the McCain campaign put out this damning ad:

Friday, June 18, 2010

Rep. Joe Barton Apologizes to Slovenia

Just kidding, but seriously, what a jackass is this guy?

Jokes aside, is there any doubt that if President Obama made statement about the controversial call made during today’s USA v Slovenia clusterfuck World Cup match, some GOP blowhard (who only a day before was calling the World Cup a leftist plot) would try to make political hay? Not in my mind. Luckily for us, he/she would forced to back pedal when confronted with the reality that just going against Obama without substance will only score you points with maybe 30% of the country.

Memo to Republicans: Americans want BP to pay, not to be coddled by our elected officials. I understand that big business and special interests are the constituency of the GOP, but please at least act like you care about the gulf, and stop trying to downplay the disaster’s significance.

And let me preemptively say that call was bullshit and don’t you forget it, Teahadists. America? Fuck Yeah!

UPDATE: Rand "Civil Rights are Tyranny" Paul comes to Barton's defense. This election cycle certainly is getting interesting.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Arizona GOP Gubernatorial Debate

In case you missed it, here is the Clean Elections debate that aired on PBS channel 8 Tuesday. It’s worth watching for the spectacle if nothing else. There is plenty of sparing as the candidates, with the expectation of moderate Matthew Jette, vie to paint themselves as the solution to our state’s financial crisis and claim the mantle of fiscal conservative.

From her rambling opening statement on, unelected Governor Brewer looked bad. She blamed everything she could on Napolitano and ‘guvermint’, became viably upset whenever challenged, was often unable to effectively counter her critiques, and scoffed like it was a Frank Lutz tested talking point. On a more jerk-assish note, her grammar was atrocious (“we have did” – WTF?), and her makeup, though you can’t really tell from the video, looked like it was applied by an airbrush artist from Venice Beach.

I have to say I was impressed with Matt Jette. Unfortunately for him, these are days of rampant quackery on the new right, and there just aren’t enough reasonable republican voters left.

They’ve all been purged.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Martin to Brewer: You Won't Out Crazy Me!

Adding to the pander-rama that is rightwing politics these days, Arizona state treasurer and GOP candidate for governor, Ricky Gervais Dean Martin called for a massive statewide “tent city” to combat illegal immigration. To be modeled after Arizona’s infamous Tent City, Martin’s proposal is essentially a new state funded prison that would be used to hold the foreigners rounded up using the new powers and legal protections granted to the state under SB-1070. Surprised? Don’t be, his proposal is completely in character with the hypocrisy (small government anyone?), blind partisanship, and racism you would expect from the modern day “party of Lincoln.”

Apparently unaware of the state’s financial position, our treasurer believes that more state prisons are the answer to the looming immigration problem. I wonder who Mr. Martin expects to pay for its construction, not to mention the annual cost of housing and feeding all the undocumented immigrants that will populate it. The state certainly can’t afford it. Perhaps he plans on just letting them starve. It is doubtful, as he has to leave daylight for the next person to come along that needs prove they are indeed a “true conservative”.

State treasurer Martin knows he must out-wingnut the unelected Governor Jan Brewer in order to secure the GOP nomination. As such, Martin’s proposal is just another instance of pandering to the xenophobes and/or nativists that comprise a significant portion of the Arizona republican base.

On that note, I need to put on some more sunscreen.