Friday, November 12, 2010

Sheriff Joe Accused of Breaking the Law and Covering it Up

Would you believe that Sheriff Joe thinks he is above the law? I sure would and do as such delusions are common with self-righteous Napoleonic types. It seems that when Arizona’s own Little Emperor isn’t out stroking his ego by injecting himself into national politics, he is misappropriating up to $80 million or our tax dollars away from their voter mandated purpose. I wonder if any of that went to funding the quasi-tank Joe thinks he needs, or the national campaign stops he is making.

Not only did Joe feel like he could ignore the will of the people (and law), he took extraordinary steps to cover up his actions. This is of course a dead giveaway that Joe knew what he was doing was wrong and did it anyway.

Culpability, culpability, culpability.

Via Talking Point Memo:
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio kept a hidden database that shows that he used money designated for funding jails for other purposes, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors alleges.

In September, the Maricopa County Office of Management and Budget reported to the the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors that Apraio's office may have misspent up to $80 million based on the limited records they had received. This follow up report says that MCSO work papers "have identified at least $34 million in misspending" but that does not "address some of the more complicated staffing issues" such as overtime and benefit costs.

"It appears that MCSO violated the intent and explicit language of the voter approved jail tax when they used that money to fund activities not related to jail operations," a press release said. "Maricopa County will have to pay back the restricted funds to the detention fund. This is a misuse of public funds."

"Whether it is $34 million, plus overtime costs, or up to $80 million, it is a problem that grows more expensive every day," the press release said.

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