Friday, October 8, 2010

Schweikert's Base of “Angry Voters” Turns out to be his Pocketbook

David Schweikert likes to portray of himself as the CD5 standard bearer for the Republican Tea Party. While crusading yet again to rid the Congress of people he calls ‘lap dogs', he often refers to the support he is receiving from ‘the people of Arizona’ (that is, the people whose houses he didn’t buy during the housing crisis). For weeks the Arizona right-wing blogosphere has been pushing this meme of an abandoned Harry Mitchell running out campaign cash as David surges with increasingly popular support. By touting their “fundraising” efforts, Schweikert and Co are trying to foster a feeling of inevitable defeat among Harry’s supporters. Unfortunately for Schweikert, numbers (as they often do) lead us to the truth, and reaffirm that reports of Harry’s certain defeat are greatly exaggerated.

As you can see, Harry is beating Schweikert by 3-to-1 margin in individual donor contributions, and as a result has three times the cash on hand. This is the popular wave David likes to brag about? The sad truth is almost half of David’s $668,361 reported to the FEC as of today came from a single donation of $300,000 from none other than the millionaire Schweikert. David, as you know made himself rich at the expense of middle class families facing foreclosure, but still that’s no small pocket change even for a guy whose company owns 400 families’ homes “investment properties.” If Harry is so unpopular, then why is he absolutely killing Schweikert among donations from actual constituents?

In a recent Arizona Republic story, the perennial candidate Schweikert boasted that his campaign had raised more money than the Mitchell campaign this quarter (by a mere $11,000), which he attributed to Arizona’s anger at Nancy Pelosi, and her “lap dog” Congressman Mitchell.

What David doesn’t say is he recently borrowed a total $225,000 against three of his “investment properties”. Here is just one example, but you can find more here.

Cropped for Size

How much of that $500,000 is the $225,000 from David’s loans and not the “angry” voters of Arizona? FEC reports have to be filed by October 15th. I look forward to taking a peek at David “this is my house now” Schweikert’s filing.

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