Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Arizona, a Little Known Race Has Big Public Safety Implications

The other day I received a mailer about the sitting Clerk of the Superior Court, Michael Jeanes. According to the mailer and subsequent website, Jeanes let two accused murders go due to clerical error in as many years. This is an atrocious batting average, and I can’t believe it isn’t bigger story in the local press as Election Day approaches. This pattern of incompetence would never fly in the job market, so why would we tolerate it from a politician who is supposed to be first and foremost a public servant? Jeanes' mismanagement has made this off the radar race an important public safety issue in Maricopa County, and it needs to be treated as such. I mean, if we can’t count on Jeanes (and Brewer) can’t keep accused murders behind bars, what can we count on them for?

Democrat Sherry Williams is running against Jeanes, and given Michael’s dismal record I don’t see how any responsible adult - regardless of party - could vote for anyone else.

For more information on Michael Jeanes paperwork fumbles, go to KillerMismangement.com, this race is too important to go unnoticed.

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