Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wingnut Tempe Pastor Shows Up at Harry Mitchell's House

Steve Anderson is the pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church a hatemonger in Tempe who made national headlines last year when he said it was okay to murder homosexuals, doctors who perform abortions, and yes the spawn of Satan himself, President Obama. Pastor Anderson recently paid a visit to AZ-CD5 Congressman, Harry Mitchell.

This is Pastor Anderson’s sermon which recounts the encounter. He opens by saying he happened upon Harry’s house by pure chance while promoting his congregation by preaching hatred. Later in the same sermon Steve justifies showing up at Harry’s house and telling the Congressman he is going to hell by saying his actions prove he really loves Harry. He wasn’t there to harangue Mr. Mitchell at all, it was random door, nothing more. But if it was a random encounter, preaching to Harry would prove nothing, as he didn’t intend to bring his message to Harry personally. Showing up at someone’s home and telling them they are going to suffer eternal damnation is not an act of love; it’s an act of hate. I think his weak-minded justification betrays his claim to have just happened upon Congress Mitchell’s doorstep. I believe it is no coincidence that Pastor Anderson is up to these shenanigans almost a year to the day his “murder all non protestants” message made national news. Kooks love attention.

As you can see, the Pastor's "church" looks very legit from the inside. Do you think they guy could at least get a crucifix on the wall? Obviously Steven is running a very professional operation, a fact made even more evident when you consider Anderson's church is located in a Tempe strip man. (Pictured)

I think Harry comes off pretty well in the Pastor's account. He certainly handles being told he was going to hell better than I would. Anderson claims he is going to knock on every door in Tempe, and when he knocks on mine, he is going to get an education.

In an interview last year, Steve Pastor repeated his call to murder, and told the interviewer that he was going to pray for him to get brain cancer and die. A message of love, indeed.

NOTE: A member of the Mitchell camp confirmed to me that Anderson and the Congressman did speak.

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