Friday, September 3, 2010

Thoughts on the Policy Positions of Steve May

**I'm having trouble with the video of May and Grandpa whispering back and forth seconds before the debate started, I know it doesn't prove anything, but I think it is worth a look. I will post it when I can.**

Personal Note:

I had the opportunity to meet Mr. May in person at the recent D17 Clean Elections Debate. He recognized and addressed me, and to his credit he spoke to me in a friendly manner. We had an unexpected exchange that was brief and civil. I must admit, I’m a bit flattered May knew who I was, because that means not only did my blog get his campaign’s attention, but he must have done some level of investigating to find out just who was exposing him. It’s not often you get to look a dissembling politician in the eye and speak truth and know it’s getting through, so it was quite invigorating. There is a grandeur to challenging power and my experience with May only makes me want to keep working.

On the Greens:

May’s ringer “Grandpa” Goshorn showed up for the debate, but despite last minute pressure from Steve, he declined to take the stage and his seat sat empty throughout. He watched from the back with more of May’s “Green Party” supporters.

May and "Grandpa" Conspiring before Wednesday’s Debate

There was another Green there, Gregor Knauer. I’ve checked with the Arizona Green Party, and Mr. Knauer is a legitimate candidate. The first time Knauer spoke May sat up in his chair and loudly cleared his throat. I took this as a tell, and coupled with his heavy use of note cards, I was convinced Knauer was another May backed fraud. I was wrong.


On almost every topic, Steve’s answers to our state’s problem was to cut Medicare spending, and leave a million of Arizona’s working poor completely unprotected. Literally, he blamed everything he could on the state’s children’s health insurance program, and what he didn’t, he blamed on Obama.

On Core Values:

Steve May declared his values to be “honest leadership” and  bragged early in the night about suing the state to put an end to our Clean Elections program. Steve said (without irony) the voter approved initiative is “corrupt” and “prone to abuse”. This struck me as particularly offensive as readers will know Steve stands accused of putting up patsy Green candidates for his own political advantage (a charge he denied to my face). But the evidence I and others have previously laid out suggests otherwise. I believed when I went in that May orchestrated a widespread abuse of the Clean Election system, and I still do. May apparently does not consider his actions abusive, no matter how blatant and publicized his own corruption may be. Remember, May was openly campaigning and soliciting donations for his “opponents” on Facebook only 10 days ago. He was even spotted whispering in Grandpa’s ear just seconds before he took the stage. A source close to May at the time told me he was trying to convince the homeless man he is exploiting to go through with it. Grandpa didn’t budge, He may not have held up his end, but I hope May still at least bought him a dinner.

On Taxes:

May’s only position on taxes is that they should be cut. Responding to State Representative Ed Ableser’s promise to close tax loopholes for corporations and at the same time putting on a good show for his “Green Party” supporters in the audience, Steve held up a list of current corporate tax loopholes and waved it around demanding to know which ones Ableser would close. In Steve's view stopping tax cheats is tantamount to raising taxes on the would-be cheaters. Ed previously hadn’t suggested raising taxes, only that the tax code needs to be reconsidered, adding that the sales tax disproportionally hurts the poor. May bragged about his record of a tax cutter proudly announcing he cut corporate taxes in AZ by a mere .031%.

On the Economy:

Ignoring that “We Have Did” Brewer, hasn’t had a balanced budget at any point in her administration, May sought to nationalize the issue, claiming that federal healthcare reform congress passed at the end of March was responsible of the state of the Arizona budget this year, and last. Not mismanagement, the global economic crisis, or the high unemployment rate more reasonable people would suspect. Hey, at least he didn't blame unions, right?

Fact is, healthcare reform is fully funded (at least for the first 10 years) by the federal government, so it’s 2015 implementation doesn’t affect our fiscal problem today. What is more, in Brewer’s latest’s budget, she absolutely gutted our Medicaid system, knocking 50,000 desperate children of the state run insurance program, “Kids Care”, a move Steve lauded throughout the evening. The state was broke before Healthcare Reform passed, and Steve knows it. This was just one of many opportunities he took to try and nationalize a state house race so he could run against President Obama.

On Healthcare:

May said that “Obamacare” was the product of the lack of bipartisanship. He declared his joy over ending Kids Care, and said if it were up to him, he would further cut the state Medicaid program to help balance the budget. Sorry Steve, but we can’t solve ALL of our problems by simply denying more children access to healthcare. While that will appease your me-first base, this kind of callousness isn’t in the D17 mainstream. Repeating that tax cuts are the only answer to any question, May supports giving tax breaks to the rich at the expense of sick children. As long as Steve May has, he wants to make sure the rest of us have-not.

On Education:

May blamed the “Obama stimulus” for the high cost of college, and again suggested we cut Medicaid to bring the cost down. Because, somehow cutting children’s access to healthcare will stop ASU from increasing tuition every single semester as it has done for years. I bet once those lazy kids are of the state rolls, my diabetes will clear up too. I’m not sure how an influx of federal infrastructure spending and tax cuts for the middle class effected ASU’s bottom line, but I don’t take a deep philosopher to know that is one of Steve’s more outlandish positions.

On Immigration:

May came out in support of S.B. 1070, a flip flop for his previous position. Other than “finishing the danged fence” (his words) and suggesting we bus them all illegal immigrants to D.C., May didn’t offer any real non-talking-point solutions to our growing immigration problem. But don’t worry, he got his jabs on the President. Not very helpful, and indicative of the partisan blinders Steve would use to represent D17.

On Jobs:

May had no real solutions for Arizona’s unemployed other than to say that taxes are why Arizona isn’t producing green jobs, something he had earlier blamed on Medicare. That is literally his entire position on job creation. I mean, I wish I had more to say here.

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