Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Poll: Mitchell Leads by 3; Dominates Among Independents

For the second time in eight days a new poll shows Harry Mitchell with a slight lead over his opponent Foreclosure Dave Schweikert. As I pointed out on the 21st, this points to a clear upward trajectory for Harry.

In more good news for the Mitchell camp, the poll also shows that Mitchell is absolutely killing Schweikert among the ever important of independent voters. I think this is to be expected, independents are turned off by the hyperbolic caricaturing of the famously middle of the road Congressman. I mean actually making fake Harry signs calling himself “Pelosi’s Lap Dog”? Get real. David erred when he thought he could run on only hyper partisan nationalized campaign slogans. Seriously though, “Pelosi’s Lap Dog”, really?

For a perennial candidate, I would have thought Schweikert knew the staunchly independent voters of CD5 better, but I guess not.

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