Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Mitchell Watch" Takes Notice; Brings Knife to a Gun Fight

Yesterday I posted that I believe David Schweikert has supported the website MitchellTruth.com (called Mitchell Watch) through a long time loyalist and major beneficiary of David’s no-bid contract fiasco, Teri Johnson. I argued that if you simply followed the money, tracked the cover-up efforts of East Valley Web, and considered Schweikert’s history of breaking rules to pad Johnson’s pockets, you would come to the same questions I did. I can't say definitively that David broke the law, but there is certainly a lot that points to his involvement at some level. To put it simply, it stinks - bad.

Well, the folks over at Mitchell Watch (Teri Johnson?) noticed, and promptly fired back. I admit that I expected blowback from Mitchell Watch, but I didn’t expect it to be so weak minded, and to borrow a word from the Bard of Bristol Bay, limp. I took the time to present facts, sources, and navigate the reader through the thought process on which I based my conclusions. The Mitchell Watch response in comparison, is laughable.
“Anyone who Googles the words “Harry” and “Mitchell” will see that this site is ranked in the top five out of 1,230,000 results! In newspaper vernacular that’s translates to “above the fold” or “Second Coming” rankings.”
Your Google keyword rankings are irrelevant to the story, and have nothing to do with the arguments I’ve made. Good job though, I’m sure $16,000 can buy you one hell of a search engine optimization guru. This is the old argumentum ad populum fallacy we see on Fox News almost every day, “we are right because we have better ratings”. The Right's time tested fallacy is just a spin-off of the old evolutionary adage, “might makes right”, which of course is the Republican Party’s platform on its most fundamental level… but I’m getting off topic, so back to matters at hand.
“The site’s privacy is shielded by Domains By Proxy which anyone can purchase (not just by “identity thieves, phishers, email scammers, and hackers”). East Vally [sic] Web offers DBP as part of its services.”
I didn’t say that Domains By Proxy catered ONLY to identity thieves, phishers, email scammers, and hackers, but they do accept them and allow them to operate freely under their protection. I believe most reputable companies go out of their way to make sure these types aren't abusing their services.  I’m sure Mitchell Watch is the sole exception, but what’s that they say about laying with dogs?

Anyway, the post wasn’t about DBP. It was about how East Valley Web registered an anti-Mitchell domain while the Schweikert campaign was giving it fistfuls of money, and if one red cent went to support Mitchell Watch in anyway, then the Schweikert campaign is acting in an unlawful manner, which as I also pointed out, seems to be par for the course.
So keep guessing Dry Heat Democrat, and while you’re digging maybe you’ll throw us a hint as to your true So keep guessing Dry Heat Democrat, and while you’re digging maybe you’ll throw us a hint as to your true identit(ies)?
Back to this, the idea that I’m somehow hiding myself because I don’t list my name, birthday, and social security for all the right wing nut jobs to scrutinize. Mitchell Watch could learn a lot from the writer of their guest opinion yesterday, Rachel Alexander. She easily found out who I was, and posted it on her site for all to see. However, just to end this type of speculation, I’ve added an about me section to the blog, as well as a disclaimer. I wonder if Mitchell Watch will do the same. They currently have one, but it has no type of “about me” information whatsoever.

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