Monday, September 13, 2010

Controversial Candidate Drops out of D17 Race

Steve May, the D17 Republican who made national headlines when he shepherded Tempe’s homeless onto local and state ballots, has dropped out of the race.

I would like to thank Mr. May for doing what is right, at least in this singular regard. Now it’s up to Steve to use his influence over his homeless friends to urge them to once again follow his example. Steve put the “Mill Rats” under a giant microscope when he convinced them to put themselves under intense scrutiny solely for May’s personal gain. Steve had no problem dragging them down into the mud with him; as such May is responsible for what ultimately becomes of his fake candidates. So will he offer the faux-Greens a way out of this mess, or his he simply going to leave them to wallow in the negative attention of May’s crafting? Steve’s withdraw from the election in the face of national scrutiny is a clear sign that he has realized the negative role his scheme played in his own life, and made the responsible decision. Now it’s up to Steve to look out not just for himself, but those whom his has actions have affected.

Mr. May, it’s over. Do the right thing.

UPDATE: In a statement just released, May basicially cited personal reasons for his withdrawal. I won't pretend to know the depth of May's reasons, but I have an idea. As such, I would like to use my platform to wish Mr. May the best of luck. The "dogs are called off" as it were, but he must still address the mess that lays in his wake.

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