Wednesday, September 1, 2010

As Evidence Mounts, Steve May Continues to Deny Involvement in Voter Fraud Scheme

Luisa Evonne Valdez is a legitmate Green Party candidate. She, like the actual Green Pary of Arizona, has denounced the Steve May backed candidates as frauds, and urged her supporters not to be fooled. She has a back and forth going on with Steve May on the same Facebook account that has gotten him in so much trouble.

Let’s go to the action already in progress.

In his comments to Luisa, Steve proceeds to disparage the party whose candidates he is working so hard legitimize. Calling them “Grand Poo Bahs” and “Green beans," Steve’s open contempt for the values the Green Party holds couldn’t be clearer. In their conversation May admits to coaching Green Party candidate he helped get on the ballot, “Grandpa” Goshorn, in the “Green Party Core Values” just one day before tonights debate. I ask, shouldn’t the Green Party candidate know the party’s core values before he is scheduled to defend his party’s policy positions in just 24 hours? If not, why would he seek help from the party that is the antithesis of what the Greens? And why would May coach someone who could in theory beat him in the general election? It, like this entire story, stinks, and May is holding a bag of shit.

As you can see, Lusia does a good job making clear that there is no doubt the Republicans-turned-Green candidates are frauds. They aren't endorsed by the local Green party, and they haven’t been in contact with the Green Party, and one of May’s ringers even actively opposed a Green this election cycle.

May and Co. took advantage of an election law loophole that requires just one vote to put a Green Party candidate on the ballot (a product of our Republican controled legislature passed just last year). The candidates he is pushing switched parties from Republican to Green on the very last day they could as dictated by law. May defends his candidates as mere expressions of a healthy democracy, all the while knowing it’s a total sham. He acts as if accusing him of voter fraud is somehow an attack on democracy itself, but really Steve is the only one who has damaged our democracy… and he knows it. He just doesn’t care.

Steve May knows he is lying through his teeth to voters who trusted him, and as long as he keeps denying it, the scrutiny is only going to get worse.

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Steve May pictured with homeless the Green Party ringer he calls "Grandpa" after filing papers together in May. Steve says Grandpa is his friend and is running on the slogan of "Throw the bums out, and vote a real one in." Sounds like thinly veiled mockery to me.

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